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Revolutionary new mold remediation technology, based on recently declassified government research.

Once applied, extremely safe to people, pets, fabrics, leather, plastics, and electronics. Kills all bacteria, viruses, mold, black mold, toxic mold and mildew (including mold spores) on contact.

Mold remediation is an industry where most mold remediation companies today use 30 year old technology to combat mold. Our product remediates and kills the antigen of the mold spore; (The immune system reacts when special substances called “antigens” enter the body. Antigens are usually found on germs such as infectious bacteria or viruses. The immune system reacts to neutralize these germs and prevent infections. Antigens are also found on harmless material such as mold spores) we will explain how we can simultaneously eliminate many other health threats with this same application. AuntieGen provides a written warranty and we stand behind our work.

EPA registered, AuntieGen is approved for porous surfaces, with special technology to penetrate and treat even the most porous materials. Kills odors, everything from smoke to off-gassing of paints, stains, and other building products.

On both hard and soft surfaces, from walls and counters to carpets, upholstery, and drapes, AuntieGen kills mold, sterilizes, and treats against future mold growth all in one step.

Extremely cost-effective for new construction as it can protect the builder from future claims, while protecting their customers checkbooks. In addition our product and service has a greater scope beyond mold treatment. A key market need that is also addressed by our business is the decontamination of Drug Houses, (Meth Labs) Crime Scene Clean up and Air Duct Decontamination.

Put it all together and AuntieGen, Inc. eliminates the need for many services and provides a complete solution for home and businesses alike.

The mission of AbsorpGen is to create healthier living areas for our families, students and employees by absorbing all spills toxic and harmful to the environment.  We will achieve this by using a product that is 100% Natural and Green.

AuntieGen is committed to keeping you safe and healthy in your home and in your communities.

We provide protection and services for Residential Buildings, Commercial Sites, Industrial Facilities, Public & Private Institutions, Schools, Health Care Facilities, Property Management Companies, New Building Construction Sites, Commercial Fleets Including Ships and Aircraft.

The mission of AuntieGen, Inc. is to create healthier living areas for our families, cure sick building syndrome for our students and employees by annihilating all infectious living and toxic organisms. We achieve this through our product that becomes Bio-degradable .

Do You have an air register under your kitchen cabinet?

During construction of your home, your HVAC contractor has no idea where your kitchen cabinets are going to be, or if there are going to be last minute changes in the location of your cabinets.  Sometimes it could be a month or two between the installation for the...

NOT JUST A MOLD PROBLEM – Crawl Space Encapsulation

NOT JUST A MOLD PROBLEM – Crawl Space Encapsulation Besides being a breeding ground for mold your crawl space has many other dangers. Did you know that up to 50% of the air in the first floor of your home comes from the crawlspace. In southeastern cities like...

Dry Ice & Sponge Eco2Blasting

There are many applications of cleaning that Dry-Ice and Sponge blasting are suitable for. The cleaning techniques are ecologically safe, biodegradable and harmless to animals, marine life and humans with the right protocols and applications. Dry Ice and Sponge...

Buyer, Seller, Real Estate Agent or Contractor & MOLD

People are becoming more aware of the dangers of mold.  There are doctors that are becoming experts in the symptoms and treatments for affected individuals that have become mold sensitive due to long term exposures.  I am 100% sure that all of these people would go...

When Disaster Strikes…

When a disaster strikes, AuntieGen can help. Until recently, the responsibility of cleaning a crime or trauma scene was solely the responsibility of the victim’s family, friends or co-workers. The additional burden of cleaning the scene at a time when they are already...

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Restaurant Scorecard: Mold and live bugs at hotel restaurant; Italian and breakfast stops get perfect scores

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Some moldy food is no longer in one kitchen, but if you’re looking for authentic Italian or a stack of hot cakes for breakfast, we’ve got you covered in this week’s Restaurant Scorecard. First up, with room for some improvement according to inspectors with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, is… 

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Family questions cleanliness of hospital rooms at Tristar Centennial NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) –

If you should need to go to the hospital, you would obviously expect your room to be clean. That’s what one family assumed until they took a second look during a visit. The patient had been staying in his room at Tristar Centennial Medical Center for three days when his family finally spotted the issue. Now a spokesman is saying the hospital fell short. Monica Jennings went to Tristar Centennial on Sunday to see her fiance’s brother. She had no clue she’d also be seeing something she said was growing in his room. “I was blown back,” she said. Jennings said her future brother in-law is at Sarah Cannon Cancer Center. She said she discovered what she believes is mold on his bed table. It is a surface used as a desk and a place to eat.

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Replacement Eyed for Mold-Infested West Lafayette City Hall

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (AP) — Officials in West Lafayette are starting work toward replacing its mold-infested City Hall that was torn down in February. The city’s Redevelopment Commission is seeking proposals from companies to recommend the location and size for the new City Hall, along with what offices it should include. Mayor John Dennis tells the Journal & Courier the city could move into an existing building or construct a new one. Government departments have been scattered around the city since the old City Hall was closed in 2014 after crews found extensive mold problems in the 1970s-era building. Officials determined it would be too expensive to remove the mold. City development director Erik Carlson says it could be three to four years before a new City Hall is ready.

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