Revolutionary new technology, based on recently declassified government research.

Once applied, extremely safe to people, pets, fabrics, leather, plastics, and electronics. Kills all bacteria, viruses, mold, black mold, toxic mold and mildew (including mold spores) on contact.

Mold remediation is an industry where most mold remediation companies today use 30 year old technology to combat mold. Our product remediates and kills the antigen of the mold spore; (The immune system reacts when special substances called “antigens” enter the body. Antigens are usually found on germs such as infectious bacteria or viruses. The immune system reacts to neutralize these germs and prevent infections. Antigens are also found on harmless material such as mold spores) we will explain how we can simultaneously eliminate many other health threats with this same application. AuntieGen provides a written warranty and we stand behind our work.

EPA registered, AuntieGen is approved for porous surfaces, with special technology to penetrate and treat even the most porous materials. Kills odors, everything from smoke to off-gassing of paints, stains, and other building products.

On both hard and soft surfaces, from walls and counters to carpets, upholstery, and drapes, AuntieGen kills mold, sterilizes, and treats against future mold growth all in one step.

Extremely cost-effective for new construction as it can protect the builder from future claims, while protecting their customers checkbooks. In addition our product and service has a greater scope beyond mold treatment. A key market need that is also addressed by our business is the decontamination of Drug Houses, (Meth Labs) Crime Scene Clean up and Air Duct Decontamination.

Put it all together and AuntieGen, Inc. eliminates the need for many services and provides a complete solution for home and businesses alike.

The mission of AbsorpGen is to create healthier living areas for our families, students and employees by absorbing all spills toxic and harmful to the environment.  We will achieve this by using a product that is 100% Natural and Green.

AuntieGen is committed to keeping you safe and healthy in your home and in your communities.

We provide protection and services for Residential Buildings, Commercial Sites, Industrial Facilities, Public & Private Institutions, Schools, Health Care Facilities, Property Management Companies, New Building Construction Sites, Commercial Fleets Including Ships and Aircraft.

The mission of AuntieGen, Inc. is to create healthier living areas for our families, cure sick building syndrome for our students and employees by annihilating all infectious living and toxic organisms. We achieve this through our product that becomes Bio-degradable .

Chiller Towers or Cooling Towers & Legionnaires

Regular maintenance is required for eliminating bacteria such as E Coli, Listeria, C Diff and many other harmful pathogens. Legionella (the cause of Legionnaires Disease) can develop on cooling fins during the warmer months. Cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and...
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Understanding Black Mold

Hearing about mold can be scary, especially if its in your home or business and its making you and other people sick. It can poison your family, your co-workers, your friends, and even your pets. Most people think green when they think of mold, but black mold, or...
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If you think you have a mold problem, you probably do!

Over 80% of all households in the United States have mold to some degree. The key to mold control is moisture control. Solve moisture problems before they become mold problems and professional assistance from AuntieGen is required. Mold Prevention Tips Fix leaky...
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Real-Estate Agents and Mold

Attention Real-estate agents, What do you do if you walk into a new listing or any listing and suspect there is a mold problem with the home? We are going to go over some of the basic do’s and don’ts of walk-throughs when suspecting a mold issue. We will also cover...
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Toxic mold complicating Bridgeport woman’s pregnancy

BRIDGEPORT – A Bridgeport woman says toxic mold has led to severe complications with her pregnancy. Mercedes Bowman tells News 12 that she was exposed to at least two types of toxic mold over a prolonged period of time. According to Bowman’s medical records, she was exposed to excessive levels of indoor mold in an apartment she recently moved out of and the contamination made her sick.


Fire District to Address Mold Issue at Peach Tree Fire Station

Excessive moisture in the Peach Tree station is plaguing the Clearwater Fire Protection District. Instead of fighting fires, firefighters have been battling to keep mold at bay at the station. Firefighters told the CFPD Board of Directors Monday evening that mold will grown on the walls within the station as well as the seats and steering wheels of the fire trucks. Several months ago, firefighters replaced dry wall in one part of the station with drywall that is recommended for damp places. That did not help the problem and mold has regrown on the wall.


Resident Fed Up With Mold Problem At Yukon Apartment

YUKON, Oklahoma –
A resident at a Yukon, Oklahoma, apartment complex invited us in on Tuesday to show us his mold problems. Reporter Tiffany Liou said as soon as they walked in the door, they could see all different colors of mold on the ceiling. When they walked into the bedroom and the closet, there were more mold there, as well. The resident said his landlord is not taking care of the problem.