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Revolutionary new mold remediation technology, based on recently declassified government research.

Once applied, extremely safe to people, pets, fabrics, leather, plastics, and electronics. Kills all bacteria, viruses, mold, black mold, toxic mold and mildew (including mold spores) on contact.

Mold remediation is an industry where most mold remediation companies today use 30 year old technology to combat mold. Our product remediates and kills the antigen of the mold spore; (The immune system reacts when special substances called “antigens” enter the body. Antigens are usually found on germs such as infectious bacteria or viruses. The immune system reacts to neutralize these germs and prevent infections. Antigens are also found on harmless material such as mold spores) we will explain how we can simultaneously eliminate many other health threats with this same application. AuntieGen provides a written warranty and we stand behind our work.

EPA registered, AuntieGen is approved for porous surfaces, with special technology to penetrate and treat even the most porous materials. Kills odors, everything from smoke to off-gassing of paints, stains, and other building products.

On both hard and soft surfaces, from walls and counters to carpets, upholstery, and drapes, AuntieGen kills mold, sterilizes, and treats against future mold growth all in one step.

Extremely cost-effective for new construction as it can protect the builder from future claims, while protecting their customers checkbooks. In addition our product and service has a greater scope beyond mold treatment. A key market need that is also addressed by our business is the decontamination of Drug Houses, (Meth Labs) Crime Scene Clean up and Air Duct Decontamination.

Put it all together and AuntieGen, Inc. eliminates the need for many services and provides a complete solution for home and businesses alike.

The mission of AbsorpGen is to create healthier living areas for our families, students and employees by absorbing all spills toxic and harmful to the environment.  We will achieve this by using a product that is 100% Natural and Green.

AuntieGen is committed to keeping you safe and healthy in your home and in your communities.

We provide protection and services for Residential Buildings, Commercial Sites, Industrial Facilities, Public & Private Institutions, Schools, Health Care Facilities, Property Management Companies, New Building Construction Sites, Commercial Fleets Including Ships and Aircraft.

The mission of AuntieGen, Inc. is to create healthier living areas for our families, cure sick building syndrome for our students and employees by annihilating all infectious living and toxic organisms. We achieve this through our product that becomes Bio-degradable .

Radon Testing and Mitigation Systems

Radon Testing and Mitigation Systems: Radon is a radioactive gas that is odorless, colorless, and tasteless. This naturally occurring gas is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States (behind smoking), and testing is the only way to know if you and...

NOT JUST A MOLD PROBLEM – Crawl Space Encapsulation

NOT JUST A MOLD PROBLEM – Crawl Space Encapsulation Besides being a breeding ground for mold your crawl space has many other dangers. Did you know that up to 50% of the air in the first floor of your home comes from the crawlspace. In southeastern cities like...

AuntieGen Anti-Microbial Fog Treatment

AuntieGen Anti-microbial fog treatment neutralizes a lot more than Mycotoxins.  If you are immune depressed because of mold exposure and are feeling the effects of exposure to off gassing from building materials, new carpet, furniture, chemical cleaners, and more...

Why and How Your Home is Making You and Keeping You Sick

This is a short excerpt from the movie “MOLDY” a film by David Asprey, Founder of Bulletproof  

Home Owners, Construction Professionals and Real Estate Agents

Here is your 15 year warranty against mold….. If you have remediation work done because of MOLD your life will be turned upside down, your health put at risk and your budget spread thin.  This video will explain what you will go through and how you can avoid future...

AuntieGen provides News from around the world regarding mold and it’s effect on our world. We always bring you news that matters most to you!


Councilman questions conditions inside Nashville fire hall

News 4 obtained pictures of the inside of the Engine 32 Fire Hall in Nashville from Councilman Steve Glover, who took them after he began receiving complaints. “I was appalled by what I saw,” Glover said. “We have rotted kitchen appliances, cabinetry. I mean, if the health department came in I don’t think it would pass a health inspections.” Glover said Metro Council approved funding for a new fire hall two years ago. It’s supposed to be built on land the city already owns. He and many others now want to know what’s the hold-up and why firefighters must work and live among what appears to be mold.
“There is never one minute of any given day of given month of any given year that these folks aren’t out there working on our behalf, and why we don’t think it’s critical to take care of their needs is beyond my concept,” Glover said.
A spokesperson for the Nashville Fire Department said, “Now that News 4 has brought it to our attention….

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Filthy conditions inside Metro school making students and teachers sick

It’s the last thing you’d expect to see in a Metro school. Filthy conditions that concerned a teacher so much he secretly took photos and recorded it. So why won’t the superintendent of schools talk to the Channel 4 I-Team about it? That teacher says he’s been upset for a while with what he’s seen in the vents above his students’ heads. And that’s not all. A family whose children attend that school say what you’re about to see is proof of a serious mold problem. The teacher who made the videos in our story has to remain anonymous because he’s still employed at Bellevue Middle School. But he says he had to come forward with what he documented. And our investigation found his isn’t the only school in the city where parents have complained that mold is affecting student’s health.

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